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I received this Sisterhood Award from Marilyn Campiz on August 16, 2009

I received this Sisterhood Award from Marilyn Campiz on August 16, 2009

At a moment when I was standing face to face with some of my worst nightmares last week, a complete stranger living in South Korea sent me this adorable award on my Facebook wall. I have seen many blogs that have these proudly displayed in the sidebar and wondered how the blog author’s got them. I have found out after much effort that I am unable to do that. I believe it takes a certain code that WordPress doesn’t support. So, I thought I’d display it here. I have been randomly reading blogs from around the world and in all subject areas now since being turned on to it. I have been looking for specific blogs to follow based on areas of interests–breast cancer, spiritual, philosophical, art, and some random parenting blogs that are very funny. It was by chance that I stumbled upon Marilyn Campiz’ blog The Lotus Sutra Chronicles through the blog frog of Networked Blogs on Facebook. There was just something about it that drew me in. I also love to see what kinds of blogs the people I follow read, follow or author themselves. I figure if I like theirs then I may enjoy their favs as well. One blog she’s affiliated with, The Womens Community Blog had a very interesting platform.

Women from all around the world encourage each other with their writing. I made a mental note that I thought it might be fun to join such a cooperative effort and to reach out to others by networking around the world. Before I could contact Marilyn or some of the other authors about joining the community, I received a post on facebook from her that said, “For you Christina…an army of cheering coming your way”. There was an accompanying link to the Women’s Community Blog and when I opened it, I was really humbled and honored. I’ll let you discover what was written about me (you’ll need to find my name in the sidebar and click on it) for yourself and be sure to bookmark the site if you want to read more from some amazing women! I believe Marilyn added me as a new member–and I hope to be able to post to that site soon.

Some people live by the premise that there are no accidents. In fact, I know I read that in one of Marilyn’s comments to another reader. I think that’s why my curiosity was initially peaked when I came across her bio. I had been thinking about joining writing groups both online and here locally and have been encouraged by many. I had no idea that when I struck up my initial conversation with her that I would later find out through The Author’s Den that she is actually a writer, author, and poet. Was this a sign? …an indescribable force or collision between two far off stranger’s blogs? I mean really-what are the odds that on this worldwide super information highway, I meet someone on the other side of the world who is originally from the midwest, is a published writer (something I’d love to be), and also works with children. A woman who was drawn to my blog as I was to hers. This woman who is originally from Chicago, Illinois (not terribly far from where I live) was put into my path for a reason. Would she last for a season or a lifetime–I wondered? Was she put here in my life right now to help me grow creatively, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, or all of the above. Was this divine intervention?

Through the past week, while I have made countless arrangements for my oldest daughter to be transferred to yet another hospital nearly 6 hours away, I couldn’t help but stop every once in a while and think about this new friend I had made–and it made me smile. Its so exciting to make new friends. It’s also exciting to see a glimmer of hope in a year that has been filled with hopelessness. I have been unmotivated to re-energize myself, my family, my business, my schooling, and my creative spirit but…I feel the stirrings of life once again. They are fleeting, but I remember them. I do think that for the majority of this summer, my world was like a made for TV movie–so anxiety ridden, suspenseful, and drama filled. Those feelings were fueled by the incessant nagging in my gut that I didn’t know where my child was or what kind of terrible trouble she was in. Something about this week, though. Something about knowing where she’ll be for the next few months has helped me settle–a bit. I pray the knowing of where she’ll be will allow me to breathe. I hope that breath will contain the energy I need to regroup. Even this evening, as I prepare to leave in the morning for the weekend to move my daughter across the state of Iowa, I am not as restless.

So, was this a sign? I think so. I think I needed the reminder that I’m not in this alone and even though I am fortunate to have so many friends and family members that are praying for me and my family, I have to admit–hearing it from total strangers never ceases to knock my socks off. Knowing that there is a common thread that really holds all of us together–compassion–is enough hope to have filled my cup this week. Thank you Marilyn, for the newfound friendship, your kind words on your blog, and bringing me an army of women to help cheer me on. Thanks to all my new friends from around the world that I have met through this forum, and to the friends I have made recently here, and for those I have known through the years. Thank you for holding my hand in spirit or in person. Thank you everyone for continued support and for believing in me as I have stumbled repeatedly through this year. I am far from where I need to be, but
with your help and God’s help, I’ll get there.


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  1. Marilyn
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 04:24:50

    I am humbled. In no way do I seek anyone to really promote what I do. I despise money, though I am not rich…it is the materialism of America…at the time, that always seemed to draw me overseas. Life matters. People matter. Others will always matter. Live. I used to say to everyone I know, “Live as if you were dying.” Because so many I knew never went after their dreams.
    For you, “Live and be Heald” as if death will never know you. Have something to make you wake up each and everyday…besides your children…you have unfunished business for the rest of your life.
    I am not religious…but beyond prayers…hope and love are essential.

    Kindest regards…


    • Christina Heald
      Aug 22, 2009 @ 09:17:38

      I love your slogan–Live and be Heald! I wrote a post a while back about how I would always say, “I was hurt but now I’m Heald”. Since this year is about a metamorphosis within me–it might also be time for a change from the old slogan to this newer updated one. Would you mind if I adopted this as my 2009 tag line?


  2. Rosidah Abidin
    Aug 25, 2009 @ 00:51:47

    Dear Christina, I came from The Womens Community Blog to show you my deepest respects for your great courage and wishing you all the best in the future. Hugs and love from Indonesia 🙂


    • Christina Heald
      Aug 25, 2009 @ 08:26:16

      Rosidah, thanks so much for popping in! I stopped by and visited your blog and love the pictures! I appreciate the well-wishes being sent this way. I believe when you click on my profile on the WCB it pops up my blogger account which I haven’t really done anything with. I need to fool around with that, but haven’t had the opportunity to do that. It doesn’t list my wordpress account so I’m not sure how to get around that so everyone knows to come to wordpress. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


  3. kelsomom
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 08:14:56

    I think about you every day, I pray for you every night. I worry about you when you take time off. I feel for you when you have problems with your kids. And I learned from you when you made a statement about not shutting off emotionally from your daughter. I’m sad to say that when I went through this about 8 years ago with one of mine there’s a couple times that I would have liked a do-over with hindsight. I would never offer advice or criticism for a mother’s choices on a child determined to walk the hard road. Maybe some advil? Sometimes banging your head on that brick wall gives you a head ache? 😉 Stay strong and enjoy the moments.


    • Christina Heald
      Aug 27, 2009 @ 10:56:43

      So glad your back! If I had a dollar for every time I have screamed, “DO OVER!” this year, I would be able to take a trip to some exotic location and lay in a hammock all day under a couple palms while the waves of the ocean came gently rolling into a white sandy beach. I don’t know if Advil would ever do it and even though I don’t drink–I there are days when I feel like I could drink a gallon of blackberry mojitos. I’m glad you got my messages. I appreciate the support! I can’t say I’m enjoying all the moments, but I can say my eyes are wide open. “I may not know it, but these are the moments, I’m gonna remember most”. That quote will come in handy soon–it comes from my theme song–the one that has kept me moving forward for the past 5 months. I’m working on a photo montage set to the song. Funny you should have mentioned that. 🙂


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