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I have many posts that are in que and have been for some time. I have pictures I’ve wanted to upload for a long time as well. In order to tell my story, in order to vent my frustration, in order to heal, I need to purge. However, some might find the material, offensive in one way or another. Some may not appreciate the in-your-face approach I have wanted to take to bring the effects of breast cancer to the forefront. Many would rather not be reminded that this disease is affecting SO MANY women. If I can help one person, I have made a difference. I wish I could have found a website when first diagnosed that would tell me like it is. Not sugar coat it. Not gloss over and be all fluffly and positive all the time. Because, you know what…it isn’t. It isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always strong and empowering. It isn’t always easy. Sure, time helps you come to terms with what is happening and some are able to live through the process with a lot more grace then others. Looking back on the past 8 months, I know I haven’t been very graceful. I have wanted to be, but the truth is, I’ve been angry and depressed and overwhelmed. There have been some truly hysterical moments and I’ll be getting to those in my posts eventually, but because most of my blog is RAW and REAL and terribly emotional, I decided to have my blog rated.

When I did this a while back, I received an “R” rating. There was a web badge and as hard as I tried to get it configured into my sidebar so anyone under 17 would see it first thing–I was unable to do so. The file was too large. I also wondered by putting that out in front–if it would just entice more under-age readers. I have since had my blog re-rated. It is coming in at an NC-17 rating. I am wondering if the service only rates a portion of the blog. I can tell you this, there is stuff coming up that is R rated. View at your own discretion.


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