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I have finally figured out how to get the polls to work on my blog. So, from time to time, I will be adding some interactive polls in the sidebar to get you more involved with the site. I’m working on several more and will really be looking forward to your opinions. Please be sure to have some fun voting!

I have been documenting this whole journey with pictures and video and that is the next to get updated. Start looking for that–and I’ll warn you now, some of the pictures are not pleasant. It is my hope that this blog will get others to think about their bodies, their health, their options. It is my hope that everyone–young girls, young women, older women, and even men understands how vital it is to know their boobs and to have routine yearly mammograms. Yes, it’s unpleasant. That lasts just a couple minutes and it could save your life. I hear more and more women say–“Oh, I did that once and it hurt and I’m never doing that again”. Grown women who know better. We all think we are invincible–it couldn’t possibly happen to us. But it does. More and more often. This is your life. Don’t settle. Please.

By the way, I have played a little with the chat box. I’m still not sure, but I do think you need a meebo account. I have found it to be quite handy in regards to pulling all my social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, MSN Messenger, and my blog into one window so I can see who is online all at once and chat with everyone from one place instead of switch between windows. I would love to use the chat feature and be able to tell if having that is a necessity in order for you to use it. I know that in order for it to show up on my end that I am online (inside the chat box), I have to be logged into meebo. I’ll look at the schedule for the week and see what night is going to be good to try this out again. From here on out–I’ll Tweet dates and times so at least that will show up in the Twitter box and you can check that quickly.

I do want to point out that in the bottom of the Pink Tank you will see ‘edit nickname’ and then it will say meeboguest_______(a number)–if you delete that and put in your screen name or the name that shows up when you post a comment–then I’ll know who it is.

Ciao for now. CJ


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